Summary (englische Zusammenfassung)


From Frank Sacco      

Have our psychiatric patients been receiving wrong medical treatment for years? For 100 years? A friend asks me. The answer is: Yes, they have. Sigmund Freud misled our psychiatrists. His dreadful theory of castration anxiety with boys and penis envy with girls was intellectually construed. Castration anxiety was not even Freud’s anxiety (re. Freud’s Fear). Who among you, dear readers, has ever received threats from a parent o having your penis cut off? Because this was Freud’s idea of „castration“? Indeed, was anyone ever, who was, castrated in this way? Nobody was. What, however is mankind’s worst fear? Every child’s fear?

Well, what kind of a god is our undoubtedly deeply religious, baptized and confirmed society portraying to its children? Is not this god responsible for the Flood and therefore for the first ever holocaust committed against the Jews? Did he not burn all Jewish children n Sodom and Gomorrha alive and therefore mercilessly? And did he not, in doing so, become the worst criminal ever known? Is he not until this day madly seeking revenge on “sinners”? Our society allows the leader of my church, Bishop N. Schneider, to go unpunished while he misuses  the true God, which is Love, in cooperation with the EKD (Evangelische Kirche Deutschland = Protestant Church of Germany). How does it do this? By implying that Jesus is responsible for a real and eternal, already existing, fire for sinners. An eternal concentration camp of fire. What strikes us here is the tolerance of our “enlightened” society towards such things. According to our psychiatry, the described “collective institutional violence” does apparently not make our children ill, although in it, Georg Meggle’s “Terror Category D3” (Terror-Kategorie D3) actually comes true. The public prosecutor’s office equally calls it  “completey unsuspicious”. The doctrines are apparently socially adequate – even celebrating a holocaust is referred to as being a “just” thing to do. They claim that the churches do not have to adhere to §131 StGB (German Criminal Code) which prohibits playing down and glorifying violence. The German Conference of Bishops (Deutsche Bischofskonferenz) writes to me that there is “no valid evidence to be found anywhere” that threatening with true eternal fire, whether for a limited time in purgatory or apocalypse, or everlasting, could make children ill. Are adults making fools of themselves? Are psychiatrists, lawyers and bishops? Of course not. They are ignorant.  Ignorance can prevail due to a desire for power, e. g. as a bishop, or due to pure fear of “God” and “His” church. Anxiety makes people “tolerant” towards terrorist systems. Nobody knows this better than we Germans. This fear is often hidden. It causes “permissively turning a blind eye”. In fact, the individual will generally say nothing in reply to violence which could turn against him- or herself. Such permanent terror (and it is not only our children who are shocked when faced with such a fascist portrayal of God) is naturally a terrorist offence. Indeed, spreading fear is an “essenitial characteristic of terrorism” says Rudolf Schüßler in “Handeln mit Bedeutung und Handlen mit Gewalt (“Actions with Meaning and Actions with violence”), mentis, p. 281. Fear causes disregard of dignity and makes humane and decent life impossible. Potential happiness is destroyed through politically motivated “calculus of success”. Is it cowardice not to actively oppose such a system? No, it is not. Fear of torture is never cowardice, still less a fear of everlasting torture.

We can and must replace the term “fear of castration” with “fear of God”, i. e. fear of everlasting torture, and Karl Jaspers already knew that this was mankind’s worst fear which is, however, deeply repressed. This is also true for our psychiatrists, whose fear is certainly not of being castrated by their potentially long deceased fathers. Freud’s father-son conflict was a God-child conflict, analogous to the Oedipus‘ conflict (re. there). Oedipus was afraid of being mercilessly punished by a Zeus (who ,by the way, never actually existed), because Oedipus had killed his father and maintained an incestuous relationship with his mother. A non-existing Zeus (better: his inventors) objected to both. Oedipus‘ sacrifice to Zeus, his eyesight, was unnecessary. There was no one to receive it.

Fear does also not result from an accumulation of unreleased sexual energy, i. e. from a direct transformation of repressed libido into fear. Libido, or sexual impulse, is not indulged in due to a fear of trespassing. Dealing with sexuality in the wrong way leads straight to Hell,  according to current dogma. Without sex, penis or vagina, no Hell! This is what makes human sex so incredibly difficult. Whoever is subconsciously dwelling on sin and confession during sexual activity, cannot really enjoy it, and it turns into a burdensome compulsory Sunday exercise. The Einstein of Sex, Dr. M. Hirschfeld, comments on this “Christian” problem: “The vulva became a symbol of the Gate of Hell, while indigenous peoples welcome ……….it as a symbol of fertility”. Please refer to the chapter “Causes of Homosexuality” for further reference.

Motivated by financial self-interest, the Churches present their anxious-religious people with a god who is crazily seeking revenge and who therefore unfortunately strongly resembles Hitler. No good can come from that!  Psychiatric patients are not being not been detained in our clinics because of their fears of castration. They have been artificially turned into “sinners”. They suffer from fear of God, a condition which is easily treated (re. there). For God is not, as they have been made to believe, a Hitler. It is disgraceful, and according Bishop Käßmann even blasphemy of the clergy, to portray God to children and such a way. It is a crime – a crime with its full disastrous impact. It is this crime I am talking about. It is about the illnesses caused by this offence:

The Sacco-Syndrome.

 It is this fear which enabled Christianity to triumph – as well as an insidious, intelligently placed, however, in the Federal Republic of Germany illicit, blameChildren as young as 2 years old are claimed to be accomplices in atrocious torturing, an atrocious murder. That is libel. As if they had personally tortured their god’s son. In song 184 (e. g. songbooks Bistümer Speyer and Trier) they have to sing:” We beat him….We tortured him….We pierced through him.” Or this self-accusation is sung to them by their parents, who present themselves to them as torturers of God and who seem to accept responsibility for their guilt. It is suggested to the child that his/her parents are criminals. Our children are deliberately and with criminal intent made to believe in this incredible guilt, even though, as we all know and the public prosecutor’s office of Flensburg agrees, the children are completely innocent as regards Jesus‘ painful death. In the “Confession for Children”, they have to confess their “deep burden of guilt” to God: Quote: Jesus “shed his blood” for me, “Forgive me”. Innocent toddlers have to beg for “God’s” very uncertain mercy in their evening prayers. In this way, they are humiliated by means of a mere conjuring trick. This occurs in full knowledge that conditions of a good life essentially include “absence of humiliation” (Avishai Margalit). And yet, according the public prosecutor’s office Hanover, the churches are allowed to do all these things. In this case – as so often – Hanover is wrong. In the Federal Republic of Germany, our churches are not allowed to deviate even very slightly from the law. In 2010, the public prosecutor’s offices understood that members of the clergy  are not allowed to sexually abuse children. Soon they will understand that one must neither call children murderers out of financial self-interest nor threaten them with torture, and that clergy is not allowed to fill our psychiatric clinics with patients. We know that as regards the Church, political hierarchy only too often permissively turns a blind eye, because the state itself is not allowed to spread harmful and discrediting terror. If Mrs. Merkel threatened the voters of the SPD with an everlasting fire in punishment, there would certainly be protests. The German Medical Association (Deutscher Ärztetag) 2009 commits every German doctor, and therefore including myself, to oppose systems which abuse children for selfish financial reasons. The fact that the churches are motivated by money need probably not be discussed here. Many a bishop is used to residing more princely than Jesus.

So we now understand the impact of this clerical move:  After a latent period as described by Freud, the children abused in this way become ill when they are. The consequences are neuroses, psychoses, addictions, compulsive behaviour as well as the worst depressions we have ever known, resulting in packed psychiatric clinics which are supplied with boxes and boxes of personality-changing antipsychotics every morning. The sad result, known to us all, of the worst malpractice in the history of psychiatry,  are patients are only too often struck dumb and unable to handle criticism.

One of my books, “Neurosis of Psychiatry” can be found on the homepage (also free of charge) in English: “The Freudian Fallacy”.